[Bias 10] Religion Bias

Religious bias is treating a person or group differently because of the particular beliefs which they hold about a religion.


  1. “Religious person”
    Source: Dall·E2
    It’s unconscious bias that DallE assumed the religious person is Buddhist or Christian.

  1. “A religious person in front of a religious place ”
    Source: Stable Diffusion
    The religious places generated by Stable Diffusion often depict Christian sites.

  1. “A religious person standing in religious clothing”
    Source: Stable Diffusion
    All people are generated as religious wearing a head covering and clothing close to Christian and Islamic cultures excluding other religions and representation in terms of clothing.

  1. “A church”
    Source: Stable Diffusion
    The churches generated by Stable Diffusion often feature a Western architectural style. However, it’s worth noting that churches can take many forms and styles around the world.

  1. “A religious place”
    Source: Stable Diffusion
    All images generated for the religious places are specific structures similar to the nave that are exclusive of many cultures and many different types of religious places and thus biased.