Taxi driver vs. uber driver by Hugo C

What I observed that I think could be harmful:
This seems to fall under the gender spectrum here were drivers are all male images

Why I think this could be harmful, and to whom:
This is harmful because a wide variety of people has the job and few are actually represented here

How I think this issue could potentially be fixed:
By collecitng a wider variety of examples

This is interesting. The observation that all drivers are depicted as male in the images highlights a common issue of gender representation. This can perpetuate the stereotype that driving, especially in professional contexts like trucking, racing, or taxi services, is a job suited only for men. Such representations can influence societal perceptions and limit the recognition of women who work in these fields, as well as discourage women and girls from pursuing careers in these areas. To promote gender equality and challenge these stereotypes, it’s important to include diverse representations that reflect the reality that individuals of all genders can and do excel in driving professions.