Designers vs. Athletes by Jini Kim

What I observed that I think could be harmful:
In these images, there is a balanced representation of men and women. However, it’s difficult to find Asian people in the images of designers and athletes.

Why I think this could be harmful, and to whom:
The difficulty in finding Asian people in images of designers and athletes can be problematic for several reasons:

  1. Lack of Representation: For Asians, especially young Asians, the absence of positive role models in these areas can limit their perception of possible success, potentially restricting their ambitions and career choices.

  2. Reinforcing Stereotypes: It reinforces the incorrect perception that Asians are not active or successful in these fields, diminishing the recognition of their achievements and contributions across various professions.

  3. Diminished Cultural Diversity: Images that fail to reflect societal and cultural diversity can make it seem as if society does not acknowledge or value the contributions and potential of all its members.

These issues not only impact individual Asians but also represent a broader problem in society, undermining racial diversity and inclusiveness.

How I think this issue could potentially be fixed:
To mitigate the underrepresentation of Asians in AI-generated images, it’s essential to use diverse training datasets, implement bias detection and correction mechanisms, adopt inclusive design principles, engage diverse stakeholders in AI development, and ensure transparency and accountability in AI content creation.

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