Chinese stars vs. korean stars by Chloe Zhu

What I observed that I think could be harmful:
chinese stars contain real “stars” and political images, which is different from koreans stars which contain kpop idols.

Why I think this could be harmful, and to whom:
social and political stereotypes; cultural misappropriation
can be harmful to students and people in certain cultural group

Note, this audit report is relevant to poster’s own identity and/or people and communities the poster care about.

Wow this is a very interesting result. It seems like the images of Korean stars are based on the Korean entertainment industry for the past decade but the Chinese stars images look like they’re from some old propaganda. As the entertainment industry in China also has been very active in the past decade, I wonder why there is such a huge difference in the dataset because this difference doesn’t seem to represent the western stereotypes of Chinese stars and Korean stars that well…

This is a really clever comparison. Much like the example of “a boy with a bow” and “a girl with a bow”, it shows how the same word is interpreted in completely different contexts depending upon the identity group. Some of this bias is most likely caused by the Chinese flag having stars on it while the Korean flag does not, however, like you mentioned, this alone is not enough to account for such a dramatic difference in the comparison. I wonder if this will change in the next couple of years independent of improvements in the AI’s algorithm since the Chinese entertainment industry has recently gained so much steam.